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We asked for an interview with Pryor about the strabismus issue and asked if he would turn over his medical records for inspection. Did either of those insiders express any doubt that it was Bill Pryor in the photo?

He looks like young meat here. Granny and mature lesbian. NEOCONS are the new conservatives, and Bill Pryor is proud to shoot his privacy into the faces of all so we can suck his you know what as he judges us into a ghetto hell. Is this a sensitive topic in Alabama conservative circles? Jack Abromoff, is validating what I have been saying for more than a decade Other posts on his website refer to federal judges as corruptand he's filed and lost lawsuits in Judge Pryor's court, the Eleventh Circuit see here and here.

Who gives a shit that he posed for a porn shoot 30 years ago? Less than one month after that, deputies broke into our basement garage as I was pulling our car inassaulted me, doused me with pepper spray while never showing a warrant, stating they had a warrant, or stating their reasons for being there and hauled me to jail for a five-month stay.

A few famous serial killers who preyed on teens or young adult boys were rabidly anti gay and lead conventional lives. Bill pryor naked. The GOP chicken hawks who demand that Syria must be neutralized are pathetic cowards. Somebody had Bill Pryor by his tiny little balls--and we get a pretty clear view of those balls today.

Could this story explain why pedofiles are being awarded custody of their victims in AL Family Courts? Legalschnauzer, do you need me to send you the side by side with the pic that surfaced on the bushy site? Is it possible that Pryor also helped ramrod the Paul Minor case in Mississippi?

Some of them persisted, saying they understood my "fears" which made it difficult to get them to stop writing me. There is also homosexual panic. I don't see anything particularly artistic about this photo. Sexy black milf porn. He is an investigative reporter who grew up in Enterprise, AL, and has written extensively about corruption in Alabama, Florida, and Georgia.

Response to Coyotl Reply 30 Sat Oct 26, LS, I bet it really made Bill Pryor's day when he received that e-mail from you.

Choose which channels you want to receive uncheck all to unsubscribe Gossip. Maybe he waved some tobacco money in front of him. But more importantly, if he lied about the existence of embarrassing information in the confirmation process, it could mean he's a perjurer. X Close Signup Modal Above The Law In your inbox Subscribe and get breaking news, commentary, and opinions on law firms, lawyers, law schools, lawsuits, judges, and more.

Three, he lacks light i. About this Entry This page contains a single entry published on September 20, 2: Check out the alignment of the eyes and the eyebrows in the clothed Bill Pryor photo compared to the nude Bill Pryor photo. I hope he will never be able to walk out of home safely again.

MANY college age boys have done and still do the same things as a way of making money for college or to supplement what home can provide.

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Show our appreciations, spread their works; after all, it's only our individual rights and freedoms at peril.

GC This is why Hillary continues to lead him. What does this say about Sessions who was his mentor, pushing senate members for confirmation? The photos, which made their way to badpuppy.

Does that concern you at all? And that probably explains why a plaintiff going up against a corporate or institutional defendant has almost no chance in the Northern District of Alabama. Twitter milf sex. Many of these people do it for the money and sometimes they do it only once- for badly needed money. Nothing wrong with being a homosexual! It details allegations that naked photos of Pryor, allegedly taken during his college days, were once hosted on one of the internet's largest gay porn websites.

I won't play along with you. A computer printout from the online gallery in which the photo appeared shows a cropped version of the image with the name "Bill Pryor" next to it.

Choose which channels you want to receive uncheck all to unsubscribe Gossip. He is likely an emoitionally sick man,maybe one with an abusive past.??? I met him, his dad, and his brother who is also a band director in the Mobile area on a number of occasions.

This plauges both side. Bill pryor naked. This sounds like a homophobic hit-piece to me. Your story is so profound, LS, because it gives a vital clue as to how Bill Pryor achieved such power. Naruto lesbian porn. They got together and it was an arrangement by those that run USA.

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It also really bothers me that we have Redstone Arsenal there and so much government research. You went into attack mode based on your own perceptions. Pryor's nude photos if they were of him were relevant, Shuler argued, because they exposed the "rank hypocrisy" of a judge who was stridently anti-gay rights. Fact based official documents evidences from attorney general's office involving Sessions and Pryor when presented publicly will cause, demand of Presidential Candidate Donald Trump to explain why his close ties with both; especially, after one of his first nationally recognized supporters' offices being contacted and spoken to at lengths at both their offices, hometown and Washington; yet ignoring info made available about Sessions not commonly known of, as well Pryor, then announces yesterday Pryor as choice for Supreme Court Have you checked out the Roger Shuler YouTube channel?

I like the idea of protests at Hugo Black Courthouse. I thought it was just me. Nude photographs of federal judge Bill Pryor appeared in the s on a gay pornography Web site, a Legal Schnauzer investigation shows. This is the future of our news.

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MHD male homosexual desire is a very powerful thing that is present in all men. To borrow from the NY Times, what we have is arguably the most qualified candidate ever running against the least experienced and least tested. Is it possible that he was abused and lured into porn at too early of an early age and now holds a grudge?

Pretty bad numbers at this point. Sexy shemale fucking a girl. Bill pryor naked. Visit our consumer site. Amrita rao nude sex Images obtained by Legal Schnauzer show Pryor posing completely nude, staring into the camera and sporting a noticeable erection. Almost a third of Republicans hate him. Each time, he has refused to take questions or even issue a substantive comment.

That bothers me much more than the face he once posed nude. Sources say the photos were taken while Pryor was a student at Northeast Louisiana University now University of Louisiana Monroe from to Judge Pryor was confirmed to the bench in Since many of you access this site at work, we have redacted the picture to remove any nudity.

Bush nominated him to the federal bench inthe national LGBT orgs came out swinging.

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